The Story of Lady Godiva

The Story of Lady Godiva

 The Story of Lady GodivaIn the eleventh century in England, specifically in an area named Coventry, there lived a princessAnglo-Saxon named Lady Godiva (1040-1080). Godiva, other versions are Godgifu or Godgyfu, means a blessing from God. Lady Godiva was the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, one of the powerful landlords who ruled England under the Danish king, Canute.
One of the tasks Leofric is taking care of financial problems and the development of Coventry city. To develop the city, of course, necessary funds and therefore Leofric assign various taxes to the people of Coventry (including tax supposedly silly like fines for carelessly pooping horse person and a tax on painting). Lady Godiva of compassion with the suffering people of Coventry and irritated because the tax makes them unable to develop an artistic life, asking the Leofric for reduced taxes. Leofric agree with the terms: his wife have to ride a horse in the middle of market day in Coventry without clothes.

Lady Godiva agree and at predetermined Thursday (August) with his white horse he was driving broad daylight in Coventry, fully naked. Afterward, Leofric Coventry eliminate all taxes for the tax unless the horse.
Then, at about the seventeenth century, appears in addition to this legend. It is said, all the residents of Coventry have been told that the Lady will pass and as a tribute to their entry into the house and closed the window. All, except a tailor named Tom. Tom made a hole for a peek when Lady Godiva pass (pictured his body covered with long blond hair) and instantly became blind.
From there a term for the Peeping tom voyeur appear, along with Lady Godiva syndrome is the term for people who love to show off her naked body to someone else.

NOTE: The story of the Tom who became blind reputedly made by Catholic leaders in those days to scare org who likes to see women naked.

This story has already been filmed several times from the first movie I wanted to find. In the past can never be black and white but gk tau ilang where time is still Betamax tapes …. in her movie who pulled it, fit the scene when Lady Godiva ride a horse while going around naked, the whole city so quiet … just like described it. he led aides. Maybe all the residents have a sense of shame past the most respected Seeing them naked time yes …. unless only Tom was one person who witnessed the incident. He then told his friend about what he saw….

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