Baobab : The Biggest Tree in the World

Baobab : The Biggest Tree in the World

biggest tree baobab Baobab : The Biggest Tree in the WorldOn the African continent are found the world’s largest tree, the name of this tree is the Baobab. Baobab is a tree that can live a long life is often called Tree of Life because of this tree can be up to 800 years old, supposedly a tree in this photo is 1500 years old is still less with the estimated tree Red Sherman or General Sherman tree in California that reached 2200 years.

Baobab can store 300 liters of water at one time in the rainy season, this tree is sacred in the region of origin because it reminds people of his ancestors.

biggest tree IN THE WORLD Baobab : The Biggest Tree in the World

This tree is also famous for one of the Baobab Formation in Madagascar’s most famous mass-published after he became the candidate of The New 7 Wonder of Nature Baobab Avenue, where the formations towered Baobab trees so beautifully.

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