Origins of Pandora's box and the Greek Mythology

Origins of Pandora’s box and the Greek Mythology


pandora box Origins of Pandoras box and the Greek MythologyBesides humans, the earth used to be occupied by the titan (giant nation). Zeus is not like some titan, and most did not like titan is about to steal Promotehus who insisted the light of knowledge from the top of Olympus. Nietzsche admired titan one who thinks this has a characteristic “uebermensch” (some translate it “superman”, but a specialist translator of Nietzsche, Walter Kauffman, prefer to translate it into “Overman”. St. Sunardi, in his book on Nietzsche , uebermensch translate into “super human”).
Zeus, we are told, also hate other titan named Ephimetheus. He is the brother of Prometheus. For that Zeus ordered an ugly god known but have a qualified art expertise to make a statue of a woman. The name of the god Haphaestus. He himself is a child of the marriage of Zeus with Hera. Because he harbored not accomplished affair with Aphrodite, he made sculptures of women who resemble beauty Aphrodite.
The creation of these sculptures are also filled with blessings from the other gods. Aphrodite bestowed beauty, elegance and passion. Hermes gave her cunning, courage and ability to persuade Demeter to show how to maintain the park. Athens teach agility and giving spirit to her. Apollo taught her melodious singing and playing stringed instruments. Poseidon gave her a pearl necklace and supernatural powers to never drown. Horae statue add to the attraction with her hair adorned with wreaths and other plants to generate interest in the men with him. Hera gave her curiosity. Zeus made him reckless, mischievous and likes to laze around.
Zeus pleased with the perfection of the statue and then gave the statue life. The statue itself is smaller than the size of its human. The statue that has been given a life was named Pandora. By Zeus, Pandora is also entrusted a secret box that should not be opened.
Then presented the statue of Zeus at Ephimetus. Although Prometheus had warned his brother will likely wiles of Zeus, Ephimetus already liked and loved him because of Pandora is very beautiful. In short, Pandora and Ephimetus coexist. Pandora itself until some time are able to obey orders not to open the box. But, over time, curious about what the contents of Pandora’s box that entrusted to him.
Then opened the box. From inside the box, came out all sorts of evils, such as disease, plagues, sorrow and despair. Since then, the earth began to recognize the disease and all other evils of life. Only, it turns out, inside the box was also still there is one other thing. It was small in itself. His name: “hope”. These objects are later used by humans on earth to continue to survive from all sorts of diseases, plagues, sorrow, etc..

400px Statue of Zeus Origins of Pandoras box and the Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is a collection of Greek legend about the gods and goddesses greek and the heroes who originated and spread through oral tradition.
Most of the greek god portrayed as humans, are born but not old, immune to anything, can not be seen, and each god has its own characteristics. Therefore, the gods also had the names of titles for each character that may be more than 1 such as Demeter. These gods are sometimes helps humans and even marry a woman half-human child generate a demigod. These children came to be known as a hero.
Although there are various myths around the world comes from the greek mythology word consisting of 2 words:
1. Muthos which in Greek means an artistic language that became a ritual.
2. Logos which means a word, word, word, story or a convincing argument.
Some sources are used as reference greek mythology, among others, are the works of Homer and Hesiod.
1. Basic deities
Chaos                     Tartaros                        Iapetus
Titan                      Gaia                                  Atlas
Aether                  Kronos & Rhea            Prometheus
Uranus                 Oceanus & Tethys      Epimethius
Uros                      Hyperion & Theia      Menoetius
Erebus                  Coeus & Phoebe
Nyx                        Mnemosyne
Hemera                Themis
Ophion                 Crius
2. Olympus deities
Athena                  Zeus                       Hestia
Aphrodite            Poseidon             Demeter
Apollo                  Hades                    Hera
Ares                      Hephaestus
Artemis               Hermes
3. Other deities
Pan                  Dionysus
Helios            Persephone
Selene            Eos


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