This Man can survive Without Eating and Drinking for 70 Years

This Man can survive Without Eating and Drinking for 70 Years


janitelegraphdalam This Man can survive Without Eating and Drinking for 70 YearsHow long does the human body can survive without food and drink? The average human being can survive without eating for 50 days and record the longest without eating at this time was 74 days.

But in India a man named 82-year-old Prahlad Jani claimed never to eat and drink for 70 years. With no food and drink, Jani able to survive and can live it well.

Because of the uniqueness of her body, the old man is now being studied Indian military. Jani was isolated in a hospital area of Ahmedabad, Gurjarat.

During the isolation period was 6 days, Jani did not even touch the food and drinks and do not show signs of decline in stamina or dehydration.

Research conducted India’s Defense Research Development Organization, still continue to do monitoring in a closed session to Jani. Researchers suspect Jani has something genuine in her body that no other person, who was able to save his life without eating and drinking.

India’s Defense Research Development Organization is an organization that has the Indian military scientists jet maker, intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as several new types of bombs.

Scientists believe, Jani can teach the military how to help soldiers survive for long without food or survive from the disaster until help arrives.

“If these findings can be verified, this will be a breakthrough in medicine,” said Dr G Ilavazhagan, director of the Defense Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, as reported by the Telegraph.

“If the results of this research work, we can help people who experienced the disaster, the problem of altitude sickness, sea travel and the extreme nature. We also can educate people about the techniques to survive in poor conditions without any food and beverage at all, “he continued.

Jani admitted leaving the house when she was 7 years old and wandering life as a sadhu (ascetic in the Hindu religion) or a saint in Rajasthan. Jani regarded as ‘Breatharian’ who can live by doing spiritual power.

Jani himself believe he was able to survive because of help of magical god which he poured a panacea through a hole in the roof of his mouth.

His confession had been supported by a special Indian doctor studying people who have supernatural abilities. Even so, the Janis also often rejected society and is considered to commit fraud.

During the isolation period of 6 days, apart from not eating and drinking, Jani also never urinate or defecate. Jani stay fit and healthy and showed no signs of weakness.

Doctors planned to be studied for 15 days and will see if any muscles are damaged, serious dehydration, weight loss, exhaustion or organ failure.


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