Genghis Khan Killed 1.748 million people in 1 Hour

Genghis Khan Killed 1.748 million people in 1 Hour

mongolsmurder Genghis Khan Killed 1.748 million people in 1 HourAfter the cold war ended, the role of Genghis Khan as the father of Mongolia re-famous. Under the Soviet rulers, the Mongols even banned the name Genghis Khan aloud. Now, the Mongolian people are able to visit the tomb of Genghis Khan who has been found. So many of the products or the findings are linked to Genghis Khan’s name surfaced recently that the Mongolian government to consider menghakciptakan name “Genghis Khan” to protect the integrity of the name Genghis right as the father of Mongolia.

Because his name again popular, resulting in a lot of people curious about Genghis Khan. Is he one who is not civilized and blood thirsty, or honest and fair?
Although the government did not leave tangible artifacts, such as buildings or objects of art, whether Genghis Khan was an intelligent diplomacy, tolerance of religion, giving equal rights to women? And what about the bloody stories associated with the name of Genghis Khan?

Perhaps no other figure who can match the Genghis Khan in the case of death caused directly by it. One of the many lists of the most astonishing deeds are: Genghis Khan killed 1,748,000 recounted in an hour ….

Figures are actually 1.748 million population in the town in Persia called Nishapur. The city is located in what is now called Iran is a bustling city in the Khan. And for exploring the western region, after successfully subjugate China, Nishapur became one of Khan’s next target.

Genghis Khan, meaning “Lord of the World” is taken from the Altaic language, native language of the Mongols. Typically, those who surrendered, subject to forgiveness by Genghis Khan and let live. Many of the common people let live when their rulers in law died. Another case for those who dare resist.

genghis khan murder Genghis Khan Killed 1.748 million people in 1 HourIn Nishapur, Khan’s favorite daughter, Toquchar, was killed by an arrow of Nishapur. Hearing this Princess Khan was devastated, and begged for every person in Nishapur killed. Khan’s troops led by his youngest son did a nasty job. Women, children, babies and even dogs and cats are all killed. Worry is the people who are still alive, allegedly Khan’s daughter asks for every body of Nishapur in the pieces of his head and his skull in collected form a pyramid. Pyramid made of skulls persons Nishapura that was so in 10 days.

How many people died in Nishapur is still questionable numbers correctly. There is no evidence that Genghis Khan is in town when it happened. It is unclear also why Lagenda said the incident happened in just one hour. And news of 1.75 million people died in the incident are still blurry. However, many people die at the hands of Genghis Khan or his men. Genghis Khan achieved what he wanted to achieve. And during the trip and his taste for women, a study in 2003 found that as many as 16 million people live now, or about 0.5 percent of the global population are descendants from Khan.

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