Aborigines, Oldest astronomers  in the World 10000-20000 years ago

Aborigines, Oldest astronomers in the World 10000-20000 years ago


A study by Australian scientists uncover a variety of evidence that an ancient Aboriginal tribe most likely the oldest astronomer on the planet, the inhabitants of ancient civilization precedes Stonehenge, England, and the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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Professor Ray Norris, an astronomer at the Australian science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO), Friday (17 / 9), said that , knowledge about the ancient science of astrology has been disseminated and transmitted from generation to generations within a period of tens of thousand years through the fairy tales and traditional songs.

“We know too many stories about the sky took the form of song, legend, and the myths. We wondered, how far (the knowledge of the sky) was applied outside these things. Apparently, society (ancient) was also used for the purposes of signpost sky, noting the time, and mark the seasons. A knowledge of daily practice, “said Norris.

Norris, who has been studying the cultural and historical records of Aboriginal people to the inland area, such as in remote Arnhem Land in Australia, say, knowledge about the position of the stars in the sky becomes an important benchmark for the life of ancient Aboriginal people who are still nomadic at the time.

Preceding Europe
“For example when there is a sense of the Pleiades above the head, they knew it was time to move into areas rich with nuts and fruit Berri. When other constellations rise, it’s time to move to near the river for fishing perch, and so on, “he explained.

Norris is currently looking for evidence of markers of important events in the recording of this ancient Aboriginal astronomy, such as a meteor crash or the appearance of a comet, to give a time frame of the civilization’s lifetime.

He is convinced, astronomers have existed long before Aboriginal people in Europe began to observe the sky, as seen from the archaeological relics at Stonehenge, England, dating from the era of 3500 BC or roughly at the same time with a giant pyramid of civilization in Egypt.

“We know that (knowledge) was there at that time astronomy. Yet I know, since when this knowledge is there. If the (proven) knowledge has existed since the 10000-20000 years ago, (the Aborigines) is the world’s first astronomers, “he said


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