This woman is a Sperm hunter

This woman is a Sperm hunter


lara dalam thesun This woman is a Sperm hunter Cornwall, England, pregnant and having children is a dream for every woman. This has triggered a 25-year-old woman into sperm hunters to get pregnant and having children.

Lara Carter, 25-year-old British woman claiming to be ‘sperm hunters’ by sleeping with 20 men was unknown at the bar during the year 2009.

Lara becomes a sperm hunter  because it has a strong desire to become pregnant. Being a hunter thinks sperm is also cheaper than a sperm donor who had spent £ 2000 or USD 281 million.

While a sperm hunter  Lara just enough to pay for a drink at the beer because he thinks a lot of men willing to have sex one night (one-night stand) for free.

She becomes the hunter when he was in the sperm of fertility. With the help of ovulation means he knows when he is in the fertile period.

When he is in a fertile period, then he would pretend to get drunk and show the expression of wanting to have sex with men he meets. Lara admitted only drink soft drinks so as not to get drunk but the target always thought he was drinking vodka or mixed drinks are intoxicating.

If these men want to use a condom, then he will give her a condom that has been drilled so that sperm can still enter.

Lara was so excited to get pregnant and have children because he saw 17 of 20 friends segrupnya already have a child. But the problem she has not had a husband and able to pay sperm donors, so that eventually he decided to become a hunter sperm.

“All my friends already have kids and I really want to be a mother. This is really the right time for me to have children, “Lara said, as quoted from The Sun, Friday (09/17/2010).

His obsession began to get pregnant a year ago, when she accompanied her friend gave birth. We saw his friend holding the baby, so he has a strong desire to experience it.

“I have always loved babies and wanted to become a mother at a very young age. I therefore targeting foreigners as a potential father for the unborn child is, “said Lara.

Lara said he did not currently have a boyfriend, so she needs a man to give sperm. Previously, he already has an established relationship in the past two years. But every time he expresses the idea of having a baby, then the man just left.

Lara always use a wig to protect her identity when going out. If he is in a fertile period, then he will go to the bar and look for a potential sperm donor. He will pretend to get drunk and tease and to encourage men who are interested in him for doing one-night stand, but he remains in control.

“When I find a potential sperm donor, I will get her name and ask if they have a sexually transmitted disease or not. If there is no PMS and we’ll spend the night together and I will leave it in the mornings, “said Lara.

His obsession is strong enough to have children has made her spend a lot of money to buy baby clothes, pregnancy vitamins and even have prepared a future for their children. But until now he still fails because he keeps getting monthly menstruation.

“I’m sure many people who judge and think that I’m crazy, but I just wanted to be honest. For me it’s the same as going to a sperm bank, but do not need the money in hand, “he added.

She said if she is pregnant after a one-night stand, then he would not call the father of the baby. He was also never given a contact number on any man, because he just wanted the baby and not a brother. If the child is capable of understanding, it will tell you that mother and father had experienced a magical night together and never met again.

Under normal circumstances when having sex, male sperm entering through the vagina and passed through the cervix into the uterus. Then Sephira-swimming sperm in the uterus continues to oviduct (fallopian tube). There are sperm that can reach the oviduct, but many were lost.

To become pregnant, too many factors not only from the sperm. Process of fertilization is more complicated than expected, because it involves communication between the sperm with the female reproductive system.

In infertile couples, communication failed for many reasons. Among the sperm is less proficient in conveying information, or vice versa can also control the quality of the egg cell has too high so it is very selective about the sperm that comes.


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